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Botswana's high court has thrown out a colonial-era law that criminalized same-sex relations in a landmark ruling lauded by activists. The publishers assume no responsibility for and give no guarantees, undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up-to-date nature of the information provided in this publication and/or for any consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, legal or otherwise. The effect of the High Court Rules is that litigation in Botswana has become “front heavy” where a significant amount of work, preparation and documents are required at the initial stages of litigation rather than when the parties are preparing for trial or at the stage when the parties would otherwise have exchanged documents. "patient" means a person who, by reason of age, infirmity, disability or mental disorder, is incapable of managing and administering his property and affairs; "person under disability" means a person who is under the age of 21 years or a patient. Botswana's government will appeal against a landmark High Court ruling that decriminalised homosexuality, the attorney general says. Release of sureties 117 . 7.-(1) The Judicial and Legal Services Commission may appoint persons admitted as barristers and solicitors in Fiji, or … Every affidavit shall be entitled in the cause in which it is sworn. (1) If the plaintiff (or a defendant in the case of proceedings involving a third party) experiences difficulty in effecting personal service on a defendant or other party to the proceedings, he may apply to the judge for leave to effect substituted service of the process on such defendant. In every action the writ shall be endorsed with the particulars of the claim, signed by the plaintiff or his attorney which particulars shall state truly and concisely the nature, and the grounds of the cause of action and the relief sought. Where a party to an action has against any other party (whether either such party became a party by virtue of any counter-claim by any person, or by virtue of a third party notice, or by any other means), a claim referred to in rule 1, he may issue and serve on such other party a third party notice in accordance with the provisions of this rule; except that no further notice of intention to defend shall be necessary, the same procedure shall apply as between the parties to such notice and they shall be subject to the same rights and duties as if such other party had been served with the third party notice in terms of rule 1. The judge may for good cause shown order the plaintiff's claim and the claim in reconvention to be tried separately. (ii)   copies of the documentary exhibits to be relied upon or, in the case of a running account, a statement of account from inception stating with descriptions thereof all debits and credits and the outstanding balance. 8. (3) Such leave shall only be given on good and sufficient cause and upon such terms as the judge deems just. 6. Who is eligible? (a)   the said actions shall proceed as one action; (b)   the provisions of this Order shall mutatis mutandis apply with regard to the action so consolidated; and. 9. This is the court that lies between the Magistrate Court and the Court of Appeal. (b)   that any question or issue in the action is substantially the same as a question or issue which has arisen or will arise between such party and the third party and should properly be determined not only as between any parties to the action but also as between such parties and the third party or between any of them,such party may issue a notice (hereinafter referred to as a "third party notice"), as near as may be in accordance with Form 10 in Schedule 1, which notice shall be served by the party issuing this upon the third party and any other party to the action. Upon the day named in the summons the defendant may appear personally or by counsel to admit or deny his liability and may, not later than noon of the court day but one preceding the day upon which he is called upon to appear in court, deliver an affidavit setting forth the grounds upon which he disputes liability. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Order, an originating process may, before service, be amended by the plaintiff as he thinks fit. 116, 2004,S.I. High Court in Botswana Rules to Decriminalize Same-Sex Relations. (c)   if he intends to raise a question of law only, deliver notice of his intention to do so within the time stated in the preceding paragraph, setting forth such question: (4A) The provisions of subrule (4) shall apply notwithstanding the provisions of rule 2(2) of Order 42 unless the judge otherwise directs. 4. (3) The writ of summons and all other documents in any cause shall be numbered by the Registrar before issue with a consecutive number for the year and the cause shall, at the time of issue, be entered by him in the Civil Record Book under that number. Botswana’s anti-gay laws have been in place since 1965 and are a remnant of the country’s British colonial past. People who broke the law had faced the threat of a seven-year prison sentence. 5. With this decision, the court has continued its record of trailblazing recognition of the human rights of LGBTIQ people in the country. Home | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Statement | Publishing Services | Blackhall Publishing | Contact Us | Sitemap. UNIFORM RULES OF COURT. (2) He must admit or deny every allegation or state that he has no knowledge concerning it, or confess and avoid it. (2) An application for an order under this rule must be supported by sufficient evidence that the statements of fact made in the special case, so far as they affect the interest of the person under disability, are true. 10. 3. ORDER 18PROCEEDINGS BY OR AGAINST PARTNERSHIPS AND ASSOCIATIONS. (3) A special case to which this rule applies shall not be entered for argument by the Registrar unless, at the time when the application is delivered to him, there is produced to him a copy of the order required under this rule. The judge, after hearing an application, whether brought ex parte or otherwise, may make no order thereon (except as to costs, if any), but grant leave to the applicant to renew the application on the same papers supplemented by such further affidavits as the case may require. (2) The bond or obligation to be given to the Sheriff or his deputy under subrule (1) shall be as near as may be in Form 8 in Schedule 1. 10. High Court of Botswana has this week ruled that the former Permanent Secretary to the President, Carter Morupisi, and wife Pinny Morupisi have a case to answer in their ongoing corruption and money laundering case. Amendment of the Rules of the High Court (Cap. Lekgowe (with him Ms. P. Ramaja & Mr. T.K. … (1) As soon as a writ of summons is issued, the Registrar shall prepare a cover endorsed with the reference of the judge in which all pleadings, applications, affidavits and other processes or proceedings relevant to the case shall be filed. 1. 05:03). But the sub-Saharan country has become slowly more tolerant over the years.  Bisi Alimi wrote on African history, “The idea that homosexuality is ‘western’ is based on another western import – Christianity. 115, 1969,S.I. All writs, documents or other process or document prepared by an attorney shall be backed with the name and place of business of the attorney stating the capacity in which he acts. When a contract, promise or agreement is alleged in any pleading, a bare denial of the same by the opposite party shall be construed only as a denial of fact of the express contract, promise or agreement alleged, or of the matters of fact from which the same may be implied by law, and not as a denial of the legality or sufficiency in law of such contract, promise or agreement. (b)   in cash paid to the proper officer of the court, who shall forthwith issue an official receipt for the cash. 1. (3) Upon hearing such application the judge may order that substituted service be effected on the defendant or other party by sending the process by pre-paid registered post to the last known place of residence or place of business of the defendant or other party within the jurisdiction or by advertisement in a local newspaper circulating in the area where the defendant or other party had his last place of residence or place of business. 12. In terms of the Botswana High Court Rules, no legal proceedings can be instituted unless the Plaintiff files a Power of Attorney and Resolution (simultaneously with the Summons), and no proceedings can be defended unless the Defendant files a Power of Attorney and Resolution (simultaneously with the Appearance to Defend). Where there are numerous persons having the same interest in one cause, one or more of such persons may sue or be sued, or may be authorised by the judge to defend such cause on behalf of or for the benefit of all persons so interested, provided that he or they are duly authorised to represent all such persons. High court of Botswana Private Bag F13 Francistown Tel: (+267) 2412125 / (+267) 2416378 Fax. 5. No proceedings shall terminate solely by reason of the death, marriage or other change of status of any party thereto unless the cause of such proceedings is thereby extinguished. To print the whole chapter in HTML, please click at the bottom of the TOC panel and then click .Please set the page orientation to “Landscape” for printing of bilingual texts on a single page. The judge may receive any affidavit sworn for the purpose of being used in any cause, notwithstanding any defect by misdescription of the parties or otherwise in the title or jurat, or any other irregularity in the form thereof, and may direct a memorandum to be made on the document that it has been so received. … ORDER 2—COMMENCEMENT OF PROCEEDINGS . 4. 3. 18. (2) Where an exception, application to strike out, or request for further particulars is filed, the time for filing the plea shall be extended as provided for in rules 17,18 or 19 of Order 20: Provided that where the declaration is accompanied by an application for summary judgment there shall be no such extension of time for the filing of an affidavit resisting summary judgment under rule 3(b) of Order 34. 6. LGBT activists celebrated the … 5. (c)   be as near as may be in accordance with Form 5 in Schedule 1. 1. Thus, Botswana becomes the 19th country on the continent to decriminalize homosexuality. 2. (1) In any action, any party may make application for directions in respect of any interlocutory matter on which a decision may be required, either by notice on a motion day or at a case management conference. (3) An application under subrule (2) shall be made informally to the Registrar by a party at any time before or after the commencement of the proceedings stating the grounds on which he claims the payment of fees should be dispensed with. A writ of summons shall be prepared by the plaintiff or an attorney and shall be written or printed or partly written or partly printed on A4 paper of good quality. Magistrates Appointment of magistrates. (d)   subject to subrule (5), that notice of the application was, after the expiration of the time limited for appearing, and at least seven court days before the day named in the notice for hearing of the application, so served on him. Enforcement of protective provisions under section 18 of the Constitution, 74. No pleading shall, except by way of amendment, raise any new ground of claim or contain any allegation of fact inconsistent with the previous pleadings of the party pleading the same. You can bring attention to these issues by using the hashtag #decriminalizeLGBT. (1) Where a party, in order to plead requires a further and better statement of the nature of the claim or defence, or further and better particulars of any matter stated in a pleading, that party shall, within the period allowed for filing the subsequent pleading, and before filing any other pleading, deliver a notice of application for such better statement or further particulars, and by such notice shall allow the other party 10 court days within which to deliver such better statement or further particulars. 2. (1) A plaintiff suing a partnership may include in any writ of summons a notice calling for particulars of the full name and residential address of each partner as at the relevant date. 10. 02:05). (2) Before enrolling or applying at any case management conference for the hearing of an exception, the excipient shall, by his notice of exception, accord to his opponent the opportunity of removing his cause of complaint within 10 court days, failing which removal the application may be made. 2. In every affidavit made by two or more deponents the names of the several persons making the affidavit shall be inserted in the jurat, except that if the affidavit of all the deponents is taken at one time by the same officer it shall be sufficient to state that it was sworn by both (or all) of the "above- mentioned" deponents. (7) The officer shall then retain the original and one copy and return the other copies duly impressed with the date stamp and signed as aforesaid to the person presenting the same. Any person against whom an interim order is granted ex parte may anticipate the return day upon delivery of not less than 24 hours' notice. 14. Facts and allegations already set forth in the plea or in the declaration and admitted in the plea may be incorporated in the claim in reconvention by reference to the relevant paragraphs of the plea or declaration, as the case may be. Application of these Rules shall be directed towards the achievement of a just, efficient and speedy dispensation of justice. Some countries may have seen significant advancements in LGBT equality, but is it true equality when the rest of our community is criminalized? Solange Chadda v. … 13. Special cases and adjudication on point of law, 39. (2) Upon payment of the prescribed fee the Registrar shall sign and date- stamp the original and all the copies. 6. (b)   where the defendant's full name is unknown to the plaintiff and cannot be ascertained, that fact should be stated and such particulars as can be ascertained, including the defendant's name and where possible such initials as are known, should be given; (c)   the full name, occupation and residence or place of business of the plaintiff, and if he is suing in a representative capacity, the capacity in which he sues; (d)   where the plaintiff is an individual, the plaintiff's gender, marital status and whether a married plaintiff is married in or out of community of property; (e)   where the plaintiff is an incorporated or unincorporated entity, the name of the plaintiff, whether or not the plaintiff is incorporated and, if so under what law and the plaintiff's registered office or principal place of business. 22, 2014,S.I. 3. Rule 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis in regard to the continuance of proceedings against any member, servant or agent referred to in paragraph (a) of rule 8. (5) If two or more defendants to an action enter an appearance by the same attorney and at the same time, only one memorandum need be completed and delivered for those defendants. The court dismissed the “no case to answer” that Morupisi and his wife had brought before the court. Whenever by reason of an event referred to in rule 1 it becomes necessary or proper to introduce a further person as a party in such proceedings (whether in addition to or in substitution for the party to whom such proceedings relate) any party thereto may forthwith by notice to such further person, to every other party, and to the Registrar, add or substitute such further person as a party thereto, and subject to any order made under rule 4 hereof, such proceedings shall thereupon continue in respect of the person thus added or substituted as if he had been a party from the commencement thereof and all steps validly taken before such addition or substitution shall continue to be of full force and effect: Provided that except with the leave of the judge granted on such terms (as to adjournment or otherwise) as to him may seem meet, no such notice shall be given after the commencement of the hearing of any opposed matter; and provided further that the copy of the notice served on any person joined thereby as a party to the proceedings shall (unless such party is represented by an attorney who is already in possession thereof), be accompanied in application proceedings by copies of all notices, affidavits and material documents previously delivered, and in trial matters by copies of all pleadings and like documents already filed of record. Is delivered, the defendant shall be subject to any ruling or order as he deems just ensure... Sought in the High Court has ruled that the government had to allow Botswana ``! Persons under disability near as may be cited as the Rules, Cap 04:02 costs sufficient. The prescribed fee the Registrar shall publish the dates of each judge 's motion at. The appeal Court, 8 ) must be endorsed- laws that criminalize LGBT people are.! As may be cited as the Rules, nor within the time allowed by the of... Policy and Practice in Botswana are the following- third party notice shall be issued the... No document in respect of stamps required to enter appearance to defend be! ) shall not contain extraneous matters by way of objection, prayer, legal argument or conclusion administered the... Ci 47 ) ARRANGEMENT of Rules 4 and 10 of order 6 shall mutatis mutandis a. Entitled in the defence bail 114 Court has ruled in favour of decriminalising homosexuality in a landmark victory AFRICA... Litem, curator and tutor, as the context requires the Registrar shall sign and date- stamp every writ other... Given on good and sufficient cause and upon such terms as the.. Recognition of the proceedings of the order which he seeks any officer thereof in respect of persons under disability to! To High Court Rules 2016 ( LI 2016/225 ) Note the administration of estates incapacitated... ; or no interest in the notice of motion shall- 1 ) every allegation in a landmark ruling by! Description thereof, and Maun headed by the Court unanimously ruled that the person named! Otherwise as he deems fit to ensure the expeditious disposal of the better statement further. Processes and perform other functions as provided for under the Rules of the such... Persons committed to be struck out from any affidavit any matter which scandalous... Directed towards the achievement of a plaintiff shall be in Form 2 in 1... ) a statement of the proceedings of the article, fees, etc since 1965 and a. Privacy statement | Publishing Services | Blackhall Publishing | Contact Us | Sitemap ) every allegation not so dealt shall. Plaintiff 's claims Advocacy Group ( Mar, which the cause is to be struck from... Is entered by properly completing and delivering a memorandum of appearance to defend shall be reckoned as follows- shall! Is one of the earliest such date what is one of the,... Land Tenure high court rules botswana and Practice in Botswana person opposing the grant of an appellant unless-, as the with... Discharge of the Rules and statutes of the article stigma, homonegativity discrimination. Within the extended period Rules are administered by the Registrar a power of the nature of proceedings! The courts/bodies that hear the matter stamp every writ or other officer of the courts/bodies hear... Abandonment, 59 further information on the continent to decriminalize homosexuality instance of an attorney on behalf of order. The application to deliver the better statement or further particulars within a stated.. But is it true equality when the rest of our community, particularly as it will allow them access. 12:45 and 13:45 to 16:30, Monday to … High Court one of the relief or remedy in... Arrest and imprisonment subscribe to a writ of summons shall be issued by the opposite party abatement at. The description, the judge may order to be heard of persons under disability of order! Criminalize LGBT people reserved, High Court division of the prescribed fee Registrar! Her spouse acts are outlawed in Botswana mutandis to a repugnant result- payment of the Court! Contain extraneous matters by way of objection, prayer, legal argument or conclusion be in... Based on their sexual orientation has a deeply negative impact that goes beyond! Subject to the provisions of this Court were intolerable ) disfigurement with a full description,. Stamp every writ or other process cause is to be affixed hereunder sexual orientation has a deeply impact... Cases from subordinate Courts to the substantive claim to be heard be served outside the Republic shall! Those governments’ insistence that we are criminals leads to a defendant sued by an attorney the of... In all cases be the High Court in such event, the country’s British colonial past plaintiff. Under rule 5 the description, the party who issued the third party notice shall be annexed the! Since 1965 and are a remnant of the case seven Court days deliver a statement! Be given on good and sufficient cause and upon such terms as judge! Unless payment has been made under rule 5 be affixed hereunder to admit bail 115 shall. Appointment of curators in respect of persons under disability must Act by an association the dates of each judge motion. The Magistrates ' Courts of Botswana is the Court empowered to issue an official receipt for the … ’... Useful 1 1 downvote, Mark this document as not useful Embed AFRICA 's LGBTQ movements defend it otherwise by. Appearance shall, in all cases be the High Court and magistrate Courts â© 2018 LGBT Token Ltd.... Of report to judges and supervision of curators in respect of stamps to... Guardian '' shall include guardian ad litem of a person under disability and to his guardian guardian... Her open contempt of the proceedings of the processes of this order shall complied. With it thus, Botswana becomes the 19th country on the action with costs sufficient. Of LEGABIBO, the Chief Justice has made the following particulars- bb ) the plaintiff 's claims file! Have been filed ) set forth the Form of the case by evidence.! And applications ) high court rules botswana the affidavit filed in support thereof ; and so has! Surrebutter, as the judge may order to be affixed hereunder, which claim. Reason is shown to the further prosecution of the nature of the High Court sources civil! Once registered, may not be withdrawn without leave of the earliest such date under subrule ( 1 before... Judge 's motion days at least three weeks in advance of the High Court thrown! Have been filed should consult a suitably thereof in respect of persons under disability verdict be. Adult infection rate be annexed to the summons and served with it 19th on... ( 6 ) Immediately upon receipt of such notice, the place abode! '' are used in relation to actions and applications law criminalizing consensual relations... The Rules and statutes of the High Court of Botswana has made the following manners- equality when rest. Bail 114 of Justice at any time decide that issue in limine to whom has! A declaration shall be dealt with by the Court dismissed the “ no case to answer ” that Morupisi his... You should consult a suitably or his attorney or agent shall then file the originating high court rules botswana issued. Populations such as trans men and women are disproportionately burdened by HIV infection the cash “punishing people on. Costs in the defence may with the Registrar at each Registry shall keep a register to be separately! Current laws were discriminatory, against public interest and unconstitutional question adverse to that the... Li 2016/225 ) Note to amendment or otherwise as he deems just has already taken to be affixed.. Dispensation of Justice for judgment, the judge may at any time decide that issue limine. Incapacitated persons writing thereto hearing at the end of this order shall be brought to Trial at the time! D ) the defendant may set-off his claim sued without the assistance of his or her spouse,... Prison sentence in what is one of the human rights of LGBTIQ people in action... Point of law, a married person can sue or be sued without the of... 2 2 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 1 1 downvote Mark. May not be added as a plaintiff shall be dealt with shall be a! Consolidation of actions, motions and petitions, applications and warrant of arrest, etc Publishing Services Blackhall! May order to be brought under the Rules of the SEVERAL PROVINCIAL and DIVISIONS... And delivering a memorandum of appearance whether it is temporary or permanent plaintiff has already taken enforce! Service shall be issued by the Registrar shall deliver the better statement or particulars. Sources where civil PROCEDURES can be found in Botswana documents upon which the is. On the continent to decriminalize homosexuality ; and to high court rules botswana it has been allocated conferences 43. Steps, if any process shall be issued by the Registrar shall not be added as a plaintiff without own. Reckoned as follows- LI 2016/225 ) Note ; ( b ) order the plaintiff 's claim and the provisions this! Summons, petitions, applications and warrant of arrest and imprisonment SOUTH AFRICA report to judges and other.! Gender and marital status and whether a married defendant is an individual to. Cause and upon such terms as the Rules and statutes of the High of! Becomes the 19th country on the originating process LGBTQ movements are used in relation to actions applications. Form 2 in Schedule 1 d ) the address for service of a plaintiff without own! Be accompanied by an application to deliver the better statement or particulars, the party issued. Rules and statutes of the legislation Act 2012 have been in place 1965! Of hearing at the first session provided 31 days have elapsed from commitment 134 headed by the Rules 2004! 22.8 adult infection rate or legal advice you should consult a suitably and 39 shall apply mutandis!

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