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The casual visitor won’t visit. If they’re all talking to the same people, they’re likely to be similar. We are all Adults we can do this wash our hands and stay home if we are sick.. Some went to california and most of us in las vegas so meaning nothing last forever!!!? I’m not taking anyone’s side, but to me its not the Vegas I remember or really choose to visit. This is a good plan, but can we please wait a little longer….come on. I am going to the casino and I will lick the buttons on the slot machines… then I will call to hookers and have them up to the room & play doctor with them …. The new “Employee and Guest Health” program confirms some of our predictions about how Las Vegas casino will change after the shutdown. Your assumptions are lazy. can you imagine that all those drunk people are going to wear a mask..????? Where the hell have you been it was huge news? Reply to: Wynn releases plan for reopening. We need to institute common sense precautions, and this has a lot of good ones spelled out. Matt Maddox, chief executive of Wynn Resorts Ltd. WYNN, +0.94%, on Sunday called for the Las Vegas Strip to reopen in mid- to late May, as long as a number of health precautions are taken. Maybe it’s time to quit some nasty habits. We are all in this together, so we need to support the ppl that make the decisions! It is a step towards getting all of us back on our feet again. Phase 2: ramp up operations and pray for rising business levels (the do or die phase) WHY haven’t they moved REAL MONEY video lottery games online? First of all, your “losing lives will cause people to lose more money” is a baseless assertion. most people that are going to die were old anyway they already lived their life …. Normal is going to be redefined. A mask does not fit into my fun …. If The beautiful island of Hawaii went bankrupt on 1990s..Las Vegas will bankrupt too thats why we people from the island switch to live somewhere. Pretty straightforward. Las Vegas forums . You may underestimate the craving for fun. Any reopening of the Strip would come with very strict conditions, emphasises the plan. The push among states to reopen their … People with kids. Right now, lots of people are out of the jobs without any government aids. I think individual responsibility will come into play here (and lots of sanitizer). Usually two. Even to start with a quarter of its staff, what is their bottom break even number??? and will go to great expense and proper training to make it safe while still making the start up festive but Safe! While the virus does not appear to live very long on non-porous surfaces, it could surely live through the life a few shoes. Reduced occupancy, temperatures checked, everybody wear masks, and says if there are spikes may have to reduce things again. (And keep monitoring the data!). Would I be kicked out? Whether Gov. While there are challenges ahead, it’s great to see a light at the end of the tunnel, especially if the part about reopening parts of the local Nevada economy in early May holds. The vast majority would celebrate this. Are u serious? You signed up for a job that involves all kinds of people and i guarantee you been exposed tp people with alot worse from outside the country (just a fact about immunizations tb, ebola etc almost gone here but taking hold else where) . The airlines would also much appreciate the return of their travels to Las Vegas, which would be a massive boost for their upcoming and desperate attempts at recovery. And all of those that think the way he chooses, they can stay out of vegas too. No true surprise as all of this must be done. We are not to take risk for our health for the pleasure of selfish people. In the week where the World Series of Poker was officially postponed, one Las … Wynn releases plan for reopening. are still standard procedure. No, you didn’t. Livelihoods are property. Posted on: April 19, 2020, 12:34h. In a statement posted on their website, Wynn announced that it has developed a “comprehensive health safety program” detailed in a 20-page summary. Wearing a mask in common areas for a couple months is a no-brainer trade off for me if it means getting to come back to Vegas. Thermal cameras, masks and reduced seating: Wynn Resorts CEO proposes plan to reopen Las Vegas Strip. Cleanliness would be assumed. … damn kids oughta be home anyway they should not be in Las Vegas. Q = How’d you get the virus? God Bless you even more!!! Yeah, are you a virologist, an epidemiologist, an expert with pandemics? Araceli, Steve Wynn is no longer involved in the decision making process at Wynn resorts! We need Steve Wynn to persuade the world to come back. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ac9e3e1ae4d12b09e028b08654431bca" );document.getElementById("a3405f77f6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There is not going to be buffets for a while and then I think when they do open they will not be the same… they will have people assisting you. LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Wynn Resorts has released a 23-page document outlining their new health and sanitation plan once the Las Vegas Strip re-opens. my idea of public farting into their reopening plan. This is similar to what happened in may casinos prior to the shutdown. It’s to protect you as well as anyone you come in contact with. Your email address will not be published. ??? After the thoughtful plan put forth by Wynn, I’m sure that their execs were like STFU! Sorry if this virus cramps your style, Jeff. Even before all this crap I wondered what filth I was coming in to contact with at the entrance doors when roaming from one casino to the next. Aren’t you a kind person? Because when the casinos, shows, events, etc reopen, it will bring many tourist from all over the place, bring that virus to our Last Vegas community. If Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox has his way, then the Las Vegas Strip casinos will reopen in May. It’s one hell of a crazy world we’re living in these days. Not to mention, how is the guest supposed to drink the beverage without lifting their masks and if they smoke then what? Enter those constituents, one by one, whose mindless faith in government is the laziest form of citizenship. Anarchy, vigilantism, chaos, and more would ensue if you could not access government protection of your right to your property – be it the wallet in your pocket, your dwelling, or the price for your labor. Carson, I share your opinion on what the mng team at V & P are doing. ENTRY SCREENING & CASE REPORTING PROTOCOLS, pages 21-23, addresses guests who display elevated temperatures or other symptoms. The most noticeable changes for guests will be physical distancing within the casino(s). It’s over. when they watched Goodman on tv spouting her theories. Most notable of penny-pinching casino companies is Boyd Gaming. so let these young people have this new crappy Vegas…. I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of Wynn’s plan, except…. Do all of Vegas a favor and stay away. I don’t Think he should go to that extreme, however I do hope he never comes to Vegas again, we don’t need his negativity’. Before Corona, they have been known to have only a few porters/custodians on the floor to clean, so I’d avoid any Boyd property. I would rather people be safe and gave to go through what others have. You sound like a spoiled child. We need more people with professional, reasoned approaches rather than just someone spitballing. All Wynn employees have been instructed to wash their hands, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and after any of the Or don’t travel when you’re sick. I’m sure the policy will be safety comes first Wynn Las Vegas (Nasdaq: WYNN) announced today a reopening date of Thursday, June 4, under phase two of the Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery plan from Governor Steve Sisolak. As Nevadans get anxious about reopening nonessential businesses including casinos, restaurants with dine-in service, and bars, Wynn Las Vegas CEO Matt Maddox unveils a plan … Let’s get it done and bring me to my home..where evervit is.. Good thing Scott is on furlough right now and can keep up with the blog traffic he’s getting these days (comments, specifically) and has time to spend defending himself on Twitter, Reddit and probably Facebook. TL, I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to be doing the deed at all in Vegas wearing a mask. Good leadership. “Dealers to verbally give breaks instead of ‘tapping in’ and maintain appropriate separation.”, A key element of the safety plan (at least to us): “Cocktail Servers will remain available and serve beverage(s) upon request.”. Have these plans been approved by health experts? We are blessed and we are a nation under God ! This is the same simpleminded thinking that gives us inane tropes such as “if it will only save one life” and “if it prevents even one death.”. I am going to Fremont Street in October so I think by then they will not make you wear a mask…. Ask … Now, you know. God bless America. I am not going to spend two or three thousand dollars to go to Las Vegas if I had to wear a mask … anyone that has been to Las Vegas knows there are a lot of drunk people around and they are not going to tolerate wearing a mask. Carson Smith. They always want more and more. Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted. The primary purpose of government (in the USA) is to enable and maintain a civil and orderly society so that its constituents can pursue their life, liberty, and happiness. This plan is ridiculous if you expect guests to enjoy the Vegas experience. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/will-there-be-a-coronavirus-vaccine-maybe-not.html, I just read an article about how they may never find a vaccine … they don’t have a vaccine for all those other coronavirus mers sars swine flu or even the common cold, Nona …… I give Wynn credit, for putting forth a plan to reopen, however, most of the other casino companies have skeleton crews working in their casinos, meaning, less cleanliness due to huge workloads. Surprisingly, it appears “Le Reve” will open with new procedures in place. Why would i spend two or three thousand dollars to wear a fukin mask ?? its going to a long time, if ever, things will return to “THAT” normal. If I have to wear a mask, don’t expect to see me. Classy, coherent, and well presented…. Wearers also gain protection from wearing the masks (protecting them from selfish people like me). Things may get worse. it sucks… being that Vegas is shut down and we are on a stay at home order…. see how they like it. There will be a vaccine soon. Wynn’s strategy involves phases, and phase one isn’t about getting back to profitability. I don’t understand why anyone would object to wearing a mask. ..I Know if that was possible ALOT of people would play online long after this is over? – Courage The company supports a phased reopening … If anyone on the Strip can get this done effectively, it’s them. The chips are always going to be nastiest item in casino though. I trust the federal government way more than crazies like Mayor Goodman. Grand Canyon South Rim 15:28; If this is … Click on the link named “The Nevada Independent.” Pages 21 to 23 address your concerns. They are getting bigger! Well at least there’s a plan for degenerate gamblers. Some of it is good of course but punishing everyone like this is not fair and normal. the dead bodies are piling up….. Let us know when your area opens up, Scott. Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of virus. I’d like to see the evidence that they can open the casinos and implement those politics to prevent further spread. If you don’t like it or are scared or at risk stay home, get another job or stay out of them. You also agree to our Terms of Service. Smoking a cigar with a mask on? I’ll just wait until a vaccine comes out. try doing that without touching your face and mask with your hands. The fewer numbers of people in the casino, the easier it will be to justify that, and then move on to phase two. Your gullibility is embarrassing. I believe this would be a good time to make all casinos smoke free. UPDATE JUNE 2: Wynn Las Vegas has revised its opening time on June 4 to 10 a.m. Money will be used in food. Though it's still not known when casinos and non-essential businesses in Nevada will be given the go-ahead to open from Governor Steve Sisolak, Wynn Resorts became the first casino company to release a game plan for what life will be like when restrictions are lifted. So I encourage farting. I suspect the state is working on something, as are other casinos. MGM Resorts Survey Gives Insights Into What May Lie Ahead, https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/will-there-be-a-coronavirus-vaccine-maybe-not.html, https://matzav.com/study-smokers-appear-less-likely-to-be-hospitalized-with-covid-19/. Phase 3: maximize gains and revenues while minimizing expenses and losses (the profitability phase), What’s wrong with making a profit and employing thousands and paying millions in taxes. Everything will be alright if they just keep on the damn foreigners out of sin city. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) The CEO of the Wynn has published a detailed plan to reopen, including details on what the future of live poker might look like. Be careful. It seems like AC is a big virus spreader. March Madness and the NBA throwing in the towel were the markers that put us ALL on notice that the consequences of COVID-19 would be extreme and painful for everyone, regardless of personal opinions and conspiracy theory gullibilities. is a corrupt and political organization, not an honorable steward of the public health. Practicly it’s not going to work because humans are not robot clones.as you note in the news by protester demanding Governors to stop the silly restriction of not being allowed to by paint. If you want to buy paint, go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, their open, just use common Sense on social distancing unless you want the virus. He has the pull. https://matzav.com/study-smokers-appear-less-likely-to-be-hospitalized-with-covid-19/. This is all good and wonderful, but the dominos have just started to fall, make no mistake! And what if my temp comes up as elevated? None of this sounds fun and I think only gambling addicts and those with other agendas will go into a casino with those conditions. These safety measures look great in print but they are completely unrealistic and will be impossible to enforce. Lets all be patient while people who working on trying to make there city safe for everone. In response, I wrote the following comment to Tommy’s comment. Money is filthy!! It’s not your company move on. I think expecting things to be the same “Las Vegas” experience is your first misconception. I am never wearing a mask in Las Vegas… that is crazy.. Leadership flows down from the top, right? [thumbs up emoji, atta’boy emoji, excitement and snark factor emoji, etc. I entered a comment to the discussion yesterday with concerns that are in line with your concerns, and Scott’s response to my comment was, “Or don’t travel when you’re sick. Same goes for table games, including removing chairs, and every other table will be open. “If you have a crowded environment with people from all over the country and world congregating in a social manner, touching each other and various equipment, I’m not sure if there are any reasonable steps you can take to prevent contagion, short of closing the whole thing down. The people that say they won’t wear a ask; see you in the spring of 2021. Or are casinos going to finally, decades late by the way, install automatic sliding doors. Ha, thank you for the concern, and you are correct about the crazy. The poker rules, if enacted, would change the game entirely. Our greatest threat is not this goddamned virus unleashed by China. Las Vegas Has a Plan to Reopen Its Casinos It's not going to be business as usual for Caesar's, Wynn, or MGM, but at least there are signs of light at the end of the tunnel. Get the f-ing virus, blame the f-ing Chinese government 100%, and get on with your f-ing life. Not to worry. Grow up. In really poor countries they just put the dead bodies out on the curb for trash day …. I think locals places and downtown will jump first. Hand Washing. Nobody wants anyone else’s smoke in their lungs anyway. I had reservations at the Wynn for next week but of course they were cancelled. I’m not going to wear a mask in a casino. Thought so, just sit back and let the experts do their chiming. €5 every 4 weeks or just €50 €20 for the first year, €7 every 4 weeks or just €70 €30 for the first year. Enter the apathetic and/or naïve citizenry that thinks that government is the same thing as an expert plan. While restrictive, the plans make sense. I’d be in Las Vegas for that, wearing a mask, a helmet, shoulder pads, a nut cup, and any other PPE that was required. Wynn Resorts Takes the Lead on Reopening Plans. but with real money being Ensted of coins… That would be dope and make this lock down alot easier Read this while you’re waiting: Absolutely – if this is the kind of BS the casinos are going to implement. Your email address will not be published. for quite while…? Reports have said that smokers have a higher risk of infection, so wearing a mask and prohibiting smoking helps everyone – the smokers, the employees and anyone who would be breathing second-hand smoke. They never have enough money. The guidelines state, “Pending guidance from local authorities and medical experts.”. We here would prefer it. LAS VEGAS, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Wynn Las Vegas (Nasdaq: WYNN) announced today a reopening date of Thursday, June 4, under phase … I’m skeptical that things like “sitting at every other slot machine” or “limiting poker tables to 5 people” or “sanitizing the roulette ball every 30 minutes” will actually do anything. I’d agree the mask rules will be done by then. Wynn Resorts has been hitting all the right notes in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. Wynn Resorts is doing a fine job in getting out word regarding it’s future plans in dealing with a post-pandemic Las Vegas. It’s not about being a child…it’s about stopping or at least trying to stop the spread…it is killing a certain amount of people, I’m sure you, we, don’t want to spread this virus to a vulnerable child or old person or any age person with impaired immune systems who have Lupus,Fibromyalja, etc which would more then likely kill them…please just think differently we aren’t children we are smart adults…we knocked the infestation down by being socially distant and thoughtful of ourselves and others…God bless you and your family? It’s not a binary choice. Steve Wynn is no longer in charge of his casinos. There is a link in Scott’s article that directs you to the Wynn plan. Get answers to your questions about Las Vegas . Sitting 6 feet away at the bar from the person (or hottie) sitting “next” to you? Las Vegas was built by these same foreigners. I’ll stay home rather than kowtow to a governor’s diktat. In the slots area, machines will be turned off or reconfigured to allow for more separation between guests. A = Uh, I walked against the floor aisle marker in the supermarket. I’m sure all you genuis’ posting here can figure out how to move your mask up to take a drink. You would be doing a good deed for others. The company was the first to release a plan to reopen safely. I understand where u r coming from but this different. I would hate wearing a mask, but I’ll be at Wynn the day it opens, and all the Fremont casinos, masked up proper. No one has the right to spread a deadly disease to others, overwhelm the healthcare system and cause death, misery and financial ruin. Wynn Resorts Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Matt Maddox is calling for parts of the Nevada economy to start reopening in early May, followed by the Las … At pools, seating will be set up to allow for six feet of separation between groups of guests. Yes I’m aware of the disabled access ones already there. Even though the casino open again, I will not risk my life to go to casino. If people don’t understand that the world isnt going to be back to normal right away due to a virus that has killed many as well people that have recovered. interesting little dig at Mayor Goodman too with the “…no basis in science or data and should be ignored” bit. Moronic blind faith in a mask isn’t smart. They just want to make profit and profit. What are you going to do about the people that smoke cigarettes, cigar, pipes, anything? That number is generously calculated: If you jump from the 9th floor of a parking garage and test positive for COVID-19, they put “died from COVID-19” on your death certificate. Reply to: Wynn releases plan for reopening. However, if a casino doesn’t do a good job with these rules and there is a breakout, the media will have a field day. The health guidelines go into great detail about the guest experience moving forward. Let the pandemic experts chime in and make wild claims and accusations, as if they’re smarter than everybody else on the internet. For roulette, the wheel head, ball and dolly will be sanitized when a new dealer enters the game. And losing lives will cause people to lose more money. According to Maddox, Wynn Resorts will continue to pay its full and par-time employees amid the shutdown through May 31. I’ll try to support the local economy in other ways best I can. I believe he is on is yacht in the med! What if the guest wanted to tip the cocktail server? Your results may vary. Please stay away? And, with other state and country restrictions still in place, the housing market is yet to crash (it will) who’s running back to Vegas???? This doc is very comprehensive (I read all 23 pages). My main concern (one of many, really) is the temperature taking/thermal imaging. Your premises are flawed. Your message. The human toll from transforming our lives by so-called-expert diktat is incalculable, dramatic, and ongoing. Steve Sisolak. Thank you! How can thermal imaging know the difference between being out in the sun, and having a fever? If I catch the virus at work I will sue the hotel. What about the guest room attendants who have to do the beds, clean the toilet bowls, the bathrooms sometimes with biohazards. This city just get more and more ridiculous every week. Right to property/right to ownership is prerequisite to your natural/God-given rights to pursue your life, your liberty, and your happiness. People touch their faces more than they realise (maybe we should all wear goggles too). Las Vegas forums . Feel free to sanitize the dice as long as you don’t rub off all the mojo. Steve Wynn is no longer associated with that company he was removed as CEO, had to leave the property and divest himself of all stock in the company for sexual harassment. (Meaning, we haven’t reached the biggest, most harmful effects from all of this). Common sense tells us to relax and stop with this fear mongering. casinos. She’s embarrassing herself, Las Vegas and anyone who wants to open up the economy and get back to normalcy. Drinking with a mask on? Agree. This content is currently not available in your region. Wear all the masks you like but there are so many holes in this… For one example every God damn entrance to pretty much every building you have to push/pull/TOUCH at least one door. Anywhere lines form, distancing rules will be marked. Period. Your pretty stupid if you think this is being done to punish you! I got a fart fetish . If that were you and you were checked-in to the hotel, you’d better hope you are traveling in your own vehicle, or your world just became very complicated. “It sucks that people are losing jobs and money due to this but I’d rather lose money than lose lives.

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